Tetsuya Nagato

Kawaeye: Beyôn

Jan 24th, 2020 - Mar 15th

・10th March / Information Updates・
This exhibition will extend its term and there will be changes in opening days and hours:

The last day of the exhibition : Wednesday, 25th March 2020
15th-25th March: Open every day
20th-25th March: Open from 11am to 8pm

Come and enjoy the show!


“Tetsuya Nagato collaborating with a fake oil painting village?!”
Kawaeye: Beyôn by Tetsuya Nagato

104GALERIE (Ikejiri Ohashi, Tokyo) is holding a new exhibition “Kawaeye” by Tetsuya Nagato, through the period of Saturday January 25th to Sunday March 15th 2020. This exhibition is the first art show to be held in Warszawa, a new space produced by 104GALERIE. About 30 pieces of oil painting will be shown in 2 locations: Warszawa and 104GALERIE.
Three years since his previous exhibition at 104GALERIE, “Paper Show”, Tetsuya Nagato has been widening his field of work as an art director, and he found the future of Kawaii – namely “Kawaeye”. These Kawaeye people, with their unfamiliar faces, will be everywhere around you before you know it.

“I have created many digital collages, and this one was made with the least work” says Nagato of his images of faces with their eyes stretched down. The people who have realized the digital data in the form of oil painting are Dafen Oil Painting Village, a village that replicates oil paintings of every kind in the world. Nagato’s “original artworks”, ordered from the professional replica painting creators, are at a glance simple collage works, but they created from a sort of a “gap” that is strange, real and somehow makes you laugh. What is this gap, and where does it come from within us? We invite you to experience the actual painting pieces, and stand in the abyss of the weird and kawaii “Kawaeye”.

On Friday January 24th, we are hosting an opening reception with the artist to introduce the work. We look forward to your presence.
Also, while this exhibition is running, at 104GALERIR-R, next to Warszawa, the fashion brand “SURROUND” directed by Tetsuya Nagato will hold a clothing exhibition on the night of the opening on January 24th, and on the 29th and 30th. We hope you enjoy it with the art exhibition.

【Artist Introduction】
Tetsuya Nagato
Art Director
Born in 1970 in Tokyo.
His fields of work are advertisement, package design, music video, documentary film, and exhibition curation. He is a creative director for music, fashion, and art.


Exhibition Title

Kawaeye: Beyôn by Tetsuya Nagato

Exhibition Period

Saturday January 25th – Sunday March 15th 2020
SURROUND Clothing Exhibition at 104GALERIE-R on January 29th and 30th


11:00-18:00 (Last Entry at 17:30)

Closed on

Sundays and Mondays (Except January 26th and March 15th)

Opening Reception

Friday January 24th 2020 18:00–
SURROUND Clothing Exhibition at 104GALERIE-R


Warszawa (2F, 1-6-4 Ohashi, Meguro)
104GALERIE (3-22-1, Aobadai, Meguro)



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