Robert Bosisio, Rudy Cremonini, Johannes Bosisio, Mircea But

Group Show

Feb 4th, 2022 - Mar 5th

104GALERIE is holding a group exhibition featuring Robert Bosisio, Rudy Cremonini, Johannes Bosisio, and Mircea But from February 4th to March 5th 2022. It will feature unpublished work by Robert Bosisio, Rudy Cremonini and Mircea But, and new pieces by Johannes Bosisio.


Robert Bosisio was born in Trodena, Northern Italy in 1963, and after graduating the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, he lived in Berlin, New York, London and pursued his art. Currently he works out of his atelier in his hometown of Trodena.
He is known for his “Interior” series, in which he expresses indoor spaces in various colors and composition, and for portraiture. His work also includes paintings that pay homage to historical masterpieces and contemporary artists. He explores his motifs by painting them repeatedly with different perspectives and scales.
From within vague outlines and pale tones the motifs emerge – this effect, unique to Bosisio, is a complex strata of different textures created by layering various materials, such as oil, tempera, ash, sand, wax and plaster. Sometimes taking years to complete a piece, Bosisio pursues the meaning of “seeing” through depth in representation, which changes as the viewing distance changes, and as light and shadow move on the surface. There is a negotiation between the nature of figurative motifs, such as landscapes and portraits, and Bosisio’s abstraction in itself, subliming his work into a unique territory.
In his career, Bosisio has held solo exhibitions in the National Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, (Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2021), Galerie Fravi (Domat/Ems, Switzerland, 2020), Gallery Martin Mertens (Berlin, Germany, 2019), Galerie Doris Ghetta (Ortisei, Italy, 2018) and also Austria, Belgium, and the US. He has won many awards including La Fenice award (Italy), and was selected as a finalist in the BP Portrait Award (UK) in 2021. His work has acquired high praise worldwide.

Rudy Cremonini was born in Bologna, Italy. Since graduating from the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts, he has continued to work in the city.
In Cremonini’s work, created with thick layers of oil and characteristic brush strokes, we see landscapes, views of rooms, portraits, and plants and animals – all quite ordinary scenes. However, Cremonini delves into these “ordinary” or “normal” things to reveal contradictions and conflicts lying beneath. The scenes he paints are often enclosed in some way, suggesting a kind of limitation, yet the objects and people existing within this limitation are filled with a sense of life, of complex feeling, and of humour. His creation originates from the joy of exploring the nature of representation itself, a process which is not ostentatious, but which develops its own charm. 
Cremonini’s major exhibitions have been held in galleries including Capsule (Shanghai, China, 2022), Galerie Thomas Fuchs (Stuttgart, Germany, 2021), Semiose (Paris, France, 2021), City Museum of Rimini (Italy, 2019), among others, and also he has participated in many international solo and group shows held in Italy, America, France, Germany, Belgium, and China. He has received numerous awards and has an international reputation.

Johannes Bosisio, born in Cavalese (Italy) in 1994, graduated from the Weissensee School of Art in Berlin in July 2020. Since then, the artist lives in London, where he is pursuing a master’s degree at the Royal College of Art and Design.
Johannes Bosisio’s work explores different forms of relationship between mankind and machine and the transgressions of dualism such as the separation of: figure and ground, body and mind, material and immaterial, organic and inorganic, animals and machines. He fuses binary forms in order to create hybrids. The combination created by the interaction between human and machine gives life to cyborgs, humans with boosted physical abilities that enter into symbiosis with their technological off-shoots which, like, prostheses, become extensions of their bodies. Influenced by the mechanical, repetitive sounds of electronic music and dystopic novels, like James Ballard’s Crash (1963), Bosisio investigates subjects such as consumerism, technology and machine fetishism with a hyperrealist style filled with graphic elements. In this exhibition, we are showing new work from the series “Shapeshifter”, which he has been working on for the past few years. Johannes Bosisio has exhibited his work in various solo and group shows in Germany, Italy, UK, Switzerland, and Belgium including Judith Andreae (Bonn, Germany, 2021) and Galeria Doris Ghetta (Ortisei, Italy, 2021).

Mircea But was born in 1991 in Baia Mare, Romania and graduated from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Naopca. In 2014, he completed a year-long artist-in-residence at SPATUIU INTACT (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), and in the following year was based in Gallery Plan B (Berlin) as part of an Erasmus scholarship. While there he produced mainly abstract work. In 2017 he was a resident artist at Art Factory Gallery (Budapest, Hungary).
Attempting to explore different modes of expression, But has been working on figurative painting since 2018, and belongs to the “Cluj School”, a school of Romanian art from which many internationally famous artists have emerged. The exhibited pieces are based on landscapes in Potsdam and Berlin that he photographed while he lived in Germany. They have the form of landscapes, yet in them But examines an internal state of mind rather than a depiction of reality.
But’s major exhibitions have been held at the National Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, (Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2021), Viennacontemporary (Vienna, Austria, 2019), Art+Text Budapest Gallery (Budapest, Hungary, 2017) along with many other shows in France, Italy, Austria and Hungary.


Group Show
Robert Bosisio, Rudy Cremonini, Johannes Bosisio, Mircea But


4th February – 5th March, 2022

Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays




FORCE Building B1F, 1-20-4 Aobadai Meguro-ku Tokyo

81 3 6303 0956

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